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" The only source of knowledge is experience." -  Albert Einstein


Conscious Reflection...

Thank you to the fine gentlemen and couples that took the time to write about our time together! Please enjoy a few quotes from 100+ stallar testimonials in hopes of capturing the essence of my personality! To review, please familiarize yourself with TER's review performance policies (8-DFK; 9-bbbj; 10-FMF, MFM or Greek) and express yourself as genuinely accurate and proper as humanly possible.

"Her services are mind blowing & she truly makes you feel like you’re the only man in the world"
Dec 10, 2018
"She was absolutely everything I could have hoped for and more"
Nov 20, 2018
Madelyn made sure every step was perfect. All blossoming couples should live this experience!"
Nov 09, 2018
"Madelyn's calming presence and gentle touch quickly put my wife's nervousness at ease."
May 22, 2018
"After she departed I was thinking "wow" & damned proud of myself for my decision 2 contact her"
May 08, 2018
"She is a true 10 in all the sense of the rating and you will never be disappointed"
Mar 26, 2018
- TOZ6464 (TER)
"I have to admit she is one of the best providers I have ever met."
Mar 13, 2018
"She's a sexy perfect mature lady."
Feb 25, 2018
- KGB2005 (TER)
"A lot of fine choices out there. But she’s in the stratosphere"
Feb 22, 2018
- TW6005 (TER)
"She is a 12, and I wish TER had that high a score to give her."
Feb 13, 2018
" All in all, it was probably the most amazing sexual experience of my entire life. "
Feb 04, 2018
- GV6927 (TER)
"Madelyn Fabray is the perfect couples provider. She is absolutely gorgeous & extremely skilled"
Jan 26, 2018
- KINGME44 (TER - Couple)
"When you are with her you are pampered as if you were the last man alive"
Jan 12, 2018
- TTFN159 (TER)
"After saying hello and talking a bit, Madelyn gave me a long DFK that was out of this world."
Jan 02, 2018
- ORION3055 (TER)
"Madelyn more than lives up to her number one status & I can't imagine a better experience"
Dec 20, 2017
"This is not your typical provider. Madelyn is a courtesan of the highest order."
Nov 22, 2017
"She's a charming woman with an ... & disarming perso. She certainly lives up to her reviews."
Oct 18, 2017
"Madelyn has such an amazing reputation that I was granted an overnight. ... a wise decision."
Aug 28, 2017
"Simply the most erotic, fun, satisfying & relaxing afternoon I can remember.The best I can imagine
Aug 17, 2017
"She is all about delivering a mind blowing experience that leaves no need unmet."
Aug 08, 2017
"After reading all Madelyn`s reviews, I had to see for myself! The reviews are true and honnest! "
Aug 02, 2017
- JOHNDO1970 (TER)
"It was a fast paced experience with all the elements of a once in a million date"
Aug 01, 2017
"She simply reeks of sensuality, and has a creative mind for erotic fun."
Jul 24, 2017
"I decided to save up my $ & what turned out to be a fantastic investment. She's worth every $"
Jul 20, 2017
" She ... made me feel we were long lost lovers ... I have never felt so at home with a woman."
Jul 05, 2017
"For those that seek the quintessential girlfriend experience then Madelyn is a must"
May 17, 2017
- TOPHER2014 (TER)
"Madelyn was everything you would want or expect in a travel companion."
May 11, 2017
"Gentlemen you will be hard pressed to find anyone who can deliver what she does.!!"
May 03, 2017
- GOOSE777 (TER)
"She really is that special and talented that she was able to help me heal and move on."
Mar 26, 2017
"Gentlemen & ladies, Madelyn is for real so treat yourself to an exp that only Madelyn can provide"
Mar 15, 2017
With a woman of this caliber, my experience with Madelyn rivals the best. Peace Out!
Mar 08, 2017
- CHEN8989 (TER)
"She's a stunningly beautiful woman that craves passionate romance & a breathtaking GFE."
Mar 03, 2017
"Simply put, Madelyn is one of the best, most accommodating providers out there."
Jan 19, 2017
"All I can say is she is a sensual and sexual wizard. ... an absolute mind blowing experience"
Nov 22, 2016
"She really delivers an exp that only some can. It probably will rank as the best exp I have had."
Nov 09, 2016
"Madelyn is an amazing lady so treat her well. She is a lady that AIMS TO PLEASE!!!"
Oct 19, 2016
"She can be an excellent dinner or travel companion, but will blow u away behind closed doors"
Sep 20, 2016
"She's a premier VIP provider that will make your toes curl & want to spend days not hours with her.
Sep 06, 2016
" Madelyn was nothing short of everything I could have hoped for in a provider. My new ATF "
Aug 15, 2016
" IMHO, she was more GFE than most of the girls that were my girlfriends in the past... "
Aug 01, 2016
"Madelyn is an enthusiastic person and our session was one of the best I have experience. "
Jun 23, 2016
" Madelyn is small and flexible and she uses her body to ride like no other. "
Jun 15, 2016
" Madelyn is, hands down, 1 of my top 2 ATF! She's that incredible. Everything about her is amazing"
Jun 08, 2016
- BHAWK4108 (TER)
"Anticipation and expectations were high. Wow...were they ever met...and exceeded! "
Jun 05, 2016
- COACH1437

"With all the proper verification on hand it was easy to set a date that was convenient for me"
May 25, 2016

"Madelyn is the best Canada has to offer"
May 14, 2016

"She exudes a unique sense of style that brings me back to her at each and every opportunity"
Mar 25, 2016
- JONN2016

"She's like an expensive bottle of wine; once you’ve tasted the good stuff you want nothing else"
Mar 10, 2016

"She's very elegant & ... but underneath that elegance is a wild cougar ready to pounce! "
Feb 17, 2016

"She has a real positive attitude, and a real desire to please her client"
Jan 30, 2016
- Zicats

"She is a top-notch provider and a great choice for couples looking to spice things up."
Nov 16, 2015
- ArchBetty97 (couple)

"This is by far the best experience I have ever had... :)"
Nov 05, 2015
- School_

" I have seen providers around the world but none are on par with Madelyn"
Oct 22, 2015

"As mentioned by other reviewers, the interaction with Madelyn is like meeting up with an ex-lover"
Oct 01, 2015

"She is one of, if not the best provider I have ever seen "
Sep 05, 2015
- LEONUP (Lyla)

"Having seen several high quality providers, I have high standards but she outclassed them all"
Jul 15, 2015

" "Magnificent" is too small a word to describe my visit with Madelyn."
Jul 01, 2015

"This girl is ridiculously amazing... I'd marry her if I could! "
Apr 15, 2015

"What a treat it is to find a chic intelligent lady."
Apr 01, 2015

"She's smoking hot, gorgeous and sexy as hell to me."
Jan 15, 2015

"It is very special to have this level of service and open mindedness from such a classy lady"
Dec 12, 2014
Link (merb)

"She wore the clothing requests I asked for and she set the mood with candles"
Nov 01, 2014

"The ultimate woman. Gorgeous. Sexy. Smart. Fun. Skilled"
Oct 15, 2014

"My time with Madelyn was simply one of the best experiences I have ever had."
Oct 01, 2014

"Madelyn is an incredibility lovely person and we literally count the days before a visit with her."
Jul 10, 2014
DECLAN444 (couple)

"Madelyn is 100% into making your visit the best possible."
Jul 06, 2014

"She 'read' me perfectly and knew what I needed to make me REALLY enjoy myself."
Jun 19, 2014

"Madelyn is an amazing lady and I can hardly wait for my next visit to beautiful Montreal"
Apr 15, 2014

"Madelyn is a darling, a real treat, a hidden Montreal gem"
Jan 15, 2014