MTL's Premier GFE


1. What do you expect of your guests?

Class and respect amongst two individuals is paramount in my mind. As long as I sense this, we will get along fine. I also prefer that you are freshly showered and cleanly shaven unless sporting a well maintained beard and/or mustache. A 5:00 o’clock shadow tends to be very irritating as I am silky soft all over.

2. Do you meet with couples?

Yes! I love meeting with couples and especially enjoy the presence and touch of a woman. I am a  true bi-sexuel and I can easily fall in love with one as well. Please feel free to read a testimonial and couples may be contacted to provide a referral if needed.

3. Are gentlemen of all ethnicities welcomed?

Yes of course! As long as you are respectful we will get along just fine.

4. Is 18 too young?

Yes! I prefer to meet with established gentlemen and couples above the age of 30 years of age. Sorry, no pun intended.

8. What is the arrangement for time spent in your company?

For companionship in Montreal and other touring cities please visit the "Packages" section. I realize this is marginally higher than other companions. Take a moment to immerge yourself into my virtuel playground to review true testimonials and appreciate that my professionalism and reputation speaks for them selves... I pride myself to provide an unequalled world-class companionship experience for my loving admirers that you will not soon forget.

9. Do you provide brief introductions?

Unfortunately, I no longer provide shorter engagements as this does not allow enough time to build an intimate and ongoing connection as I am all about quality over quantity. Multiple hours like dinner dates, overnights, extended engagement and travel packages provide time to really get to know each other and have unparallel fun with lasting memories. 

10. How do we schedule a meeting?

For my weekly schedule in Montreal and other touring cities, I indicate the days and times several weeks in advance, in the "Timetable" section of my web page. Please allow us as much notice as possible to plan accordingly and avoid last minute disappointment. Upon your invitation, please fill out the engagement and form with the necessary details. Needless to say, generic, insensitive and explicit content will not be acknowledge as this engenders disrespect. Therefore, please take a moment to introduce yourself and the favour will be so kindly return.

11. What activities do you enjoy and are off limits in private?

For inquiring minds, I kindly invite you to read true testimonials (50+) and etiquette page for additional details about me... If inclined, I provide a genuine girl friend and/or porn star experience for the more adventurous at heart... ;) lol. 

12. What other gifts do you enjoy?

The greatest offering you can provide is class and respect, as that is what I am all about. Gifts are not expected, though if inclined a bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine, Godiva chocolates, white roses, a gift cards from Holt Renfrew or your favorite book are always appreciated.