MTL's Premier GFE


"The difference between Ordinary and Extraordinary is just that little Extra!" - Jimmy Johnson


Token of Remembrance...

Although not required or expected, a gift is always greatly appreciated. I’m normally self-sufficient and consider our time together to be the greatest gift but I do love being pampered on occasion by generous and thoughtful gentlemen. If you’d like to surprise me with something that when I look at it will cause me to stop, reflect on our time together and remember you then my Thankful Wishlist will provide some ideas on items I have been hoping to purchase. Alternately, a fine bottle of Champagne, sparkling or white wine; naturel white; fresh Godiva chocolates or your favorite book would be much appreciated!

Travel & Pachages...

I have always loved the idea of extended engagements but even more so when we can enjoy that time in an exciting locale. I’m sure some of you who like to travel, either for leisure or business perhaps, have entertained the notion of having a lovely and gorgeous debutante on your arm. You have seen or perhaps secretly eyed someone from a distance. Perhaps ‘she’ was alone and you were about to approach, only for you to be disappointed when her date or significant other arrived. Well, be disappointed no longer. Let others secretly fantasize about what you and your companion may be up to… Let me further assist you, either to ‘play’ or to fulfill some other wonderful yet pleasurable fantasy while away from your home city.

For those gentlemen and couples that I have an established compatible chemistry, I am now seeking customized personal arrangements. We can meet on a regular basis as often as you wish and indulge in mutually satisfying activities. Let's discuss! Now escape with me based on the following enticing travel packages:

*** I reserve the option to request a 50% deposit to secure our appointed engagement. For those interested in paperless transactions, I accept PayPal and  e-transfers. I also accept US$ at par (1:1) - Save 30% after exhange in CA$.



ARRANGEMENT (min 3X/year)

16H - Sinful Night of Pure Delight 3,000 CA$ (= 2,400 US$) 3,000 CA$ ( = 2,400 US$)
1D - Full Day Adventure & Bliss 4,000 CA$ (= 3,200 US$) 3,000 CA$ ( = 2,400 US$)
2D - Full Weekend Decadence 5,000 CA$ (= 4,000 US$) 4,000 CA$ ( = 3,200 US$)
3D - Long Weekend Escapade 6,000 CA$ (= 4,800 US$) 5,000 CA$ ( = 4,000 US$)
4D - Prolonged Flirtation & Joy 7,000 CA$ (= 5,600 US$) 6,000 CA$ ( = 4,800 US$)
5D - Extra Indulgence & Luxury 8,000 CA$ (= 6,400 US$) 7,500 CA$ ( = 5,750 US$)
1W - Extended Bliss & Fulfilment 10,000 CA$ (= 8,000 US$) 10,000 CA$ (= 8,000 US$)