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" The pursuit of pleasure must be the goal of every rational person " - Voltaire

Chers gentlemen et couples distingués,

We live in a fast-paced world with significant demands on our time and energy where we crave more time to pass beyond the limits of our emotions and transcend understanding. Along the way we sometimes forget about the simple pleasures that bring meaning to our busy lives. Other times we forgo those desires thinking that to indulge would be somehow selfish. In the pursuit of our other goals we try to act rationally so why not apply the same as suggested by Voltaire? We all deserve to find a moment to treat ourselves and satisfy some of that yearning that far too often is put off for another day.

Care to get acquainted? Je suis Madelyn Fabray; a beloved, highly esteemed and distinguished world-class luxury companion; well-known as a sultry, exotic French Quebecoise and beguiling beauty and Montreal's top-rated courtesan. Given my limited schedule, I am available, by appointment only, for both local and selected Canadian and International cites for distinguished admirers. Graced with silky-smooth bronzed skin, a trim physique and mesmerizing dark eyes, I will tantalize your senses and light fire in your dreams for years to come.

If we’ve yet to be acquainted, let me relieve you of any potential preconceptions you may have. I can be an intense partner; a woman possessing an endearing charm and a level of sensuality that you have yet to behold.Many have described me as a passionate, liberated, educated woman and a lover of the finer attributes of life. I love to smile, laugh and spend quality time with like-minded, refined gentlemen and couples. I consider you a special class of individuals who seek more exceptional mutual life challenges and stimulations from both an intellectual and transcendent understanding.

At our rendezvous, you will experience the finest in companionship; genuine warmth, unwavering level of passion and sprinkling of wit to fulfill that rational quest for contentment and perfect happiness; a heavenly and magical connection that is guaranteed to delight and transcend both mental and physical curiosity. Feel the elation of spending quality time with a debutante whose primary objective is to exceed your utmost breathless expectations. Allow me to redefine your understanding of bliss...

Surprisingly intrigued? Don't delay... I welcome you to take a moment to peruse my personal website for additional intriguing details and to ensure we have a mutual understanding of our date. I hope to inspire you, to reflect and appreciate the true meaning of an unequalled enchanting leisure companionship experience of a truly superlative, engaging, accomplished and devoted paramour. Why hesitate to luxuriate, when being summoned with an outstretched finger, clearly intoxicated by the vision before you? Seize the day! Satisfy your intuition and cravings by entitling your new personal confidante to melt away your inner inhibitions... Discretion assured.

Adoringly yours,

Madelyn :) xo