" Seduction is always more sublime than sex, it commands the higher price. " – Jean Baudrillard


Classic Appreciation...

A lengthier meeting allows us to build a more intimate connection and the opportunity to explore and achieve heightened levels of undeniable pleasure with lasting memories. The adage, quality over quantity, applies to my philosophy regarding these meetings. This can include a night out on the town, a delicious dinner, a chilled bottle of fine wine, and the company of a wonderful partner. From corporate events to concerts or sporting events, our adventure can be limitless and conclude in the privacy of our well-appointed suite.

As a professional companion, the following gratuities are for my time and company only. Anything else that may happen is simply a matter of mutual choice between consenting adults. The appreciation for my time is non-negotiable and is a direct reflection of the outstanding level of quality companionship that I provide. Please provide it in an unsealed envelope and place it in view upon your arrival or in a gift bag when meeting in public. 

*** For those interested in paperless transactions, I accept e-transfers (CA citizens), PayPal (US citizens)I accept as well US$ at par (1 US$ :1 CA$) for your convenience.

*** Touring Please refer to the Incall appreciation if you would like to meet in downtown Toronto or Mississauga at my preferred hosting location (Incall Only). 

*** IncallPlease refer to the Incall  appreciation if you would like to meet in Laval  at my preferred hosting location (not included) and a small deposit is required.

*** OutcallPlease refer to the Outcall appreciation if you would like to meet in the Greater Montreal Area at your upscale hotel or residence within a 100 km circumference.

Rate Session Service Details
$1000/1250 CAD 2hrs Incalls/Outcalls A Brief Passionate Interlude
$1250/1500 CAD 3hrs Incalls/Outcalls A Savoury Cocktail Embrace
$1500/1750 CAD 4hrs Incalls/Outcalls An Enchanting Lunch Escape
$1750/2000 CAD 6hrs Incalls/Outcalls A Drawn-Out Dinner Affair
$2250/2500 CAD 8hrs Incalls/Outcalls An Intrepid Mid Day Adventure
$2750/3000 CAD 16hrs Incalls/Outcalls A Sinful Night of Pure Delight
$3250/3500 CAD 24hrs Incalls/Outcalls A Blissful Full Day Escapade