" Maturity doesn't mean age. It means sensitivity, manners, and how you react. " - Farhan


Mutual Stipulation...

I’m very particular about the patrons I choose to see and I understand that the ultimate goal for both of us is a safe and fulfilling intimate rendezvous. In order for us to experience an extraordinary and satisfying encounter, I list a few essential rules for our mutual demeanor to avoid any misunderstanding on what is expected. Please take a few minutes to read and familiarize yourself with these self-explanatory simple common-sense rules of decorum.

All of my encounters are based on the concept of inclusivity and equality, as there is no discrimination. Couples are welcome as I am truly bisexual where I can be easily smitten by a like-minded woman and her sensual and passionate touch. I provide a disability friendly rendezvous and can accommodate most levels of capacity. As well all ethnicities are welcome, as long as you are polite and respectful we will get along famously. The only restriction to this policy is age, as I expect my patrons to be over the age of 40. I reserve the right to see ID to confirm age when we meet when in doubt.

Impeccable personal hygiene is an essential element for a mutually enjoyable encounter.  Rest assured that when I arrive you will find me freshly showered with fresh breath, clean manicured nails, styled hair, smooth skin and a light application of perfume to ensure that I am ready for our shared enjoyable experience. I expect you to be the same, including freshly clean-shaven unless sporting a beard neatly trimmed. A 5 o'clock shadow tends to be irritating on my silky smooth skin. Short on time? A shower with fresh towels is available at your convenience.

Recreational drug and alcohol use are a personal choice and I pass no judgment on those that partake. I enjoy the occasional glass of wine during our rendezvous, however overindulgence does impact safety, exceptional sensual performance and our mutual enjoyment. I expect my partner to be free of the influence of any recreational substances and sober upon my arrival, and to consume any alcoholic beverages responsibly. If you imbibe, and I find you under the influence, I will immediately terminate our engagement and you shall forfeit your appreciation.